Certyfikat POR

Get a POR certificate and become a member of the organization. Stand out as an employer who puts the safety of its employees first. Be known to potential employees as an ideal and safe place to work. Show that it is worth cooperating with you. That your employees have the skills. and first aid resources at the highest level.

Benefits you get by having a certificate:

  • formal confirmation that your company is safe
  • Polish Rescue Organization membership,
  • the possibility of using the POR certificate in communication
  • trust among employees
  • trust among contractors

Requirements to be met in order to obtain the POR certificate:

  • first aid training for all employees (at least once a year * and including practical exercises)
  • qualified first aid training for selected first aid leaders in your organization
  • number and equipment of first aid kits adequate to the hazards present in the workplace
  • formalized system of organizing first aid (procedures)
  • successful completion of the rescue audit by qualified rescuers and instructors
  • as part of the audit, an exam is carried out on the basis of mock events.

Join the Polish Rescue Organization! Be the pioneer in your industry and show how important it is for you to save your employees' lives. Because the best worker is alive worker.

Rules and regulations of the certification can be found here.