The Polish Rescue Organization deals with a very important problem in Poland, concerning occupational health and safety in workplaces. Each of us should know the basics of first aid. It is a valuable skill, because the first few seconds determine the effectiveness of rescue actions. Life/health-threatening situations also occur in workplaces. The knowledge gained from work can also be used outside of it. The provisions of the Labor Code very clearly regulate the requirements that an employer should meet. We take it a step forward, we create a network of aware employers, who meeting the requirements follow with real first aid education and preparation for its provision in real events.

For this purpose, we carry out certification of workplaces and organize Championships, during which participants improve their competences in providing first aid, while learning teamwork, which is extremely important during a rescue operation. We combine the pleasant element of competition with real education. Our mission is to build awareness among employers by preparing them to save their employees' lives in the event of an accident at work.

From the beginning of POR, we had one idea in mind: to make our living environment safer. Safer in the workplace, and therefore safer on the streets, and finally safer in everyone's home; for our friends, loved ones and, finally, ourselves.